Friday, April 11, 2008


Yes, indeed. Had I not written for another three months, this blog would have completed an entire year of hibernation.....reason for not writting? well to be frank none at all.
But all this while, each time I saw, heard, or read anything to do with green and the environment, I told myself, that this needs to go in my blog!!!!!!

Each time I came back from the grocery store, and sorted out my grocery, emptied the boxes......I thought to myself, where does all this go, how is all this going to be recycled? But then I assured myself of listing all my queries in my blog, hoping that I would get answers.

Answers to questions, which we face in our day to day lives.
If we want to live green and take care of stuff around us, its not necessary our friends and family think that way too. I might turn off the tap, while brushing my teeth, but my husband wont.
I might reuse a paper towel, but someone might think of me as miser........
Not to say that all this stops me to do what I want to do, but sure it slows me down a bit.

To give a short example, two months back, we had our anniversary party at home. We were thirty of us. Obviously I was going to use disposable stuff, from plates, to cutlery, to glasses.
It was not until the guests were gone, that I realised that there was so much of waste. Paper plates, plastic glasses, plastic spoons.........I did stop to think as to how should I recycle them, but there was so much stuff around the house, that all I did was gather it in a garbage bag and dump it in the trash. I did feel a pinch of guilt.......that how could I be writing about "going green", and not implementing it on my own?

But what should I have done about it? are their others too, who face similar situations, where we want to do something good, but are pulled back due to our surroundings and our circumstances?
choosing to eat organic, means paying double. Why is it, that to go green and think for the environment we have to pay a price? why can't it be more easy for everyone to adopt a greener life? why do we have to make a consious effort to think about the environment? why doesn't it come to us naturally?
why is it that its easier for the rich to live green and not for the common man?
so many questions...........simply why?

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Nina said...

pretty valid questions - i think the answer is that the effort has to be made - its easy to go the non-green route ...but notworth it at all.
I've started thinking about this more after my daughter came along - we had a big celebratory dinner on her first birthday about 40 adults and 10 kids...i did think about disposable cutlery but decided not to use it. I didnt have enough plates, bowls and I asked friends family and neighbours and borrowed thier what if the plates are mis matched! we had a great evening and my guests helped in washing up...that too in India where every one just relies on domestic help...
the thing is to just grit your teeth and do everything the green way...and somehow it becomes easy...i use diapers also very selectively...minimum one a day if at all...otherwise its cloth nappies...ofcourse the balance here is between water and solid waste...but i use a detergent that is eco friendly and i can water my plants with the run off after washing so thats a good trade off...