Tuesday, July 3, 2007

lets get green

Conserve, Recycle, Reuse.......one keeps hearing these words many times now a days. From TV commercials to newspaper ads, to off course the Internet, one can find a lot on how to conserve the environment and save our earth. The colour green seems to be the next big thing.

But how much exactly is this message getting to the everyday public? and how much are we incorporating it in our daily lives?

There are talks about conserving energy and yet all the shops in the malls are lit up right through the night. (at least here in San Diego). Isn't that wastage of energy?

Every Sunday morning when I open the door to get my newspaper, its a big bundle of supplements, coupons, inserts.......imagine the amount of resources that goes into printing all that stuff? half of the supplements go unread, and the coupons right into the trash.

Go shopping and each brand hands you over with their attractive "polythene" bag. (off course there are few that do use paper bags..).

I use to throw away empty milk cans,but now I use them to store water. That too will soon become a problem, cause I will run out of space to store all the cans. (mine is a rented apartment.) empty cardboard boxes, empty glass bottles, packaging stuff, how much can one store, and to what extent recycle?

Through this blog I would want to share ways by which we can reduce wastage in our homes and daily lives. There are lots of people out there who have several ways to recycle. It would be great if we can all share our ideas. In fact it would be challenging to come with exciting ways to conserve, reuse and recycle.

who knows we can start a green revolution right here.

I am hoping and looking forward to seeing lots of "green thinking"


Miracles said...

congrats for this excellent thought process. we all can help in making this world a better place

legbamel said...

Hey! I recently wrote an article about focusing on the reduce and reuse portions of the cycle. It's at Helium. I'll be checking back for tips. It's really an important subject. Good luck with the new blog!

abhi said...

Congrats didi

Its great to see you in the blogosphere